Tina’s Story

How a 60-year-old Mom and Grandma got her health and life back!

A road to recovery

Tina was 60 years old when she came to see me suffering with fibromyalgia, bouts of fatigue and extreme exhaustion. She was also diagnosed as pre-diabetic (type 2), autoimmune adrenal (Addison’s disease) and thyroid (Hashimoto) disorders. In fact it wasn’t looking good for Tina.

She was overweight and had been told by her consultant that it would be only possible to reverse the diabetes if she would lose at least 10-15% of her body weight. Tina was suffering from many disabling symptoms including headaches, restless legs, brain fog, constant pain all over her body, anxiety, low moods and sleep apnea.

Tina told me that her symptoms started to creep in when she was about 45 years old and her health had declined steadily since.  All of this made Tina’s daily life increasingly difficult as she was a mother and working full time. The extreme exhaustion that she suffered sometimes lasted for weeks. All she could do was drag herself out of bed go to work and then collapse on the sofa in the evening. There was no energy left to enjoy life.  Even though Tina was prescribed medication for her symptoms such as steroids, thyroxine, painkillers and antidepressants, they did not make any difference to the quality of her life. All they did was numb the pain for a little while.

The Tina was told by her doctor that sometimes medical science can’t help and ultimately she would need to learn to live with it.

However Tina did not accept this and believed there must be something she could do to reduce her suffering.


That’s when Tina came to see me.

Prior to the consultation I asked Tina to fill in a food diary and detailed health questionnaire including prescribed medication. During  the first consultation we explored family health history, a timeline of Tina’s symptoms and the possible underlying root causes such as infections, food reactions, vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

I analysed Tina’s food diary and suggested some changes to her eating habits, excluding some foods and increasing others.

I also suggested high quality supplements and bioresonance sessions to boost nutrients levels, support overall health and speed up the healing process.

With these few changes after 2 months Tina had lost over a stone in weight, her physical pain reduced and the brain fog disappeared.She could sleep at last. With the agreement from her consultant she stopped taking steroids and reduced her painkillers. Tests showed that Tina was no longer type 2 diabetic due to changes in her daily eating habits and weight loss.

Over the next few months Tina had lost a further 2 stone, she expressed that she “had more energy now than she had had in the last 5 years and felt that she had her life back”. Tina shared that she could enjoy exercise and was even able to swim 30 lengths and walk 15 miles. Tina’s quality of life has improved dramatically. Tina continued to fine tune her daily eating habits, enjoying nutritionally healthy meals and regular exercise. In just a few months, with my guidance, Tina has “turned her life around” and is no longer living with debilitating symptoms of fatigue and pain. She’s now enjoying life again thanks to the changes and has much better quality of life.



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