Are you stuck in the pud?

Are you frustrated because you are doing everything you should and you’re not seeing any results?


  • Are you a yo-yo dieter?
  • Are you a fad dieter?

  • Have you been battling the bulge for an eternity?

  • Have you lost a lot of weight on a crash diet but then regained it all or even worse, put more on?

To lose weight, you don’t need a low calorie diet or faddy diet or even a meal replacement diet. You can eat delicious food that suits you, your metabolism and your lifestyle for every meal which also makes you feel great!


I will show you exactly what to do to achieve your ideal shape and body size!

And enjoy your journey in the process.

During your consultation we will investigate the underlying reasons for your weight gain or inability to lose weight; specialised lab tests can be used if necessary. Your personalised nutrition programme enables you to shed the extra pounds and keep them off permanently. The regular meetings and ongoing support I provide are vital to helping you reach your goal, you will not be alone!  And you don’t even need to count calories, weigh your portions or starve yourself!! Yes, you heard it correctly! No more starving yourself!


What can you do right now?

Buy a notebook and start to keep a food diary, note down everything that you eat and drink for at least a week. Why? Keeping a food diary makes you think twice about what you are eating and whether or not you are hungry.


Some of the reasons to consider if you are trying to lose weight include:

  1. Overeating, comfort eating, or eating to try and get more energy
  2. Eating the wrong combination of foods
  3. Food allergies and intolerances Link to food intolerances
  4. Snacking, otherwise known as ‘grazing’ – boredom eating
  5. Blood sugar problems leading to cravings for sugar and stimulants
  6. Your genes. I offer genetic testing to design a diet specifically designed for people who are have tried everything and don’t seem to lose weight. Link to testing
  7. Dysbiosis and hidden infections
  8. Sluggish thyroid function and stress Link to 10 foods for energy
  9. Inflammation and toxicity
  10. Traumas and unexpressed emotions



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